Onstream Mobile App

The strong presence of the internet and the usefulness of mobile devices has paved the way for businesses such as Onstream Meetings to provide mobile apps. These apps usually make use of the internet connection of mobile devices to bring the company’s services and tools right on the palm of your hand. Mobile apps have become useful, and sometimes even necessary tools for employees to conduct their work and Onstream Meetings surely provides a very noteworthy app to their customers.

Onstream Meeting’s mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices and is free to download and use (though a membership is required). This way, you can start or connect to a web meeting or conference whether you are stuck in traffic, on-the-go or at just home (as long as you have an active internet connection). You never have to miss out on any important meetings, announcements or seminars with the app. If your company plans to use their services, it would be best to check out the mobile app as well.

Onstream Meetings Pricing and Features

Onstream Meetings offers 5 different pricing plans aside from their Enterprise plan so you can go for the one that best suits your business or the one that works within your budget. As mentioned earlier, each one comes with a 20% off discount if you opt to go with an annual contract instead of a month-to-month one. Here is a quick comparison of the different plans they offer to give you an idea of what plan you should go for.

Each plan comes with VoIP, Android and iOS Support, Desktop & Application sharing, Whiteboard functions, Annotations, Simultaneous video feeds, Public/Private chat, polling, file sharing, YouTube Streaming, Reporting, Embed Sessions, Company branding and 128-bit AES Encryption over SSL. Other features differ from plan to plan as you can see below.

  • Free Account – This costs nothing and does not expire. However, it is limited to only 3 participants, 1 hosted archive, 5MB media library and 1 video feed. Other features such as recording, editing, waiting room, registration page, invitation emails and other useful tools are not included in this feature.
  • Meetings – This costs $19 a month for 25 participants, 25 hosted archives, 50 MB storage, 3 webcams and up to 3 simultaneous video feeds. This is also the lowest subscription plan that you get email and phone support with.
  • Webinars (1) – The lowest plan of Webinars would cost you $49 a month. This plan allows for 50 participants per meeting, 25 hosted archives, 100 MB of storage, 10 webcams and up to 10 simultaneous video feeds.
  • Webinars (2) – The next Webinars plan costs $99 a month and allows for up to 150 participants. You also get 25 hosted archives, 100 MB of storage, 10 webcams and up to 10 simultaneous video feeds.
  • Webinars (3) – The highest Webinars plan costs $149 a month which may seem expensive but it allows for 300 participants, 50 hosted archives, 250 MB of storage, Unlimited webcams and up to 10 simultaneous video feeds.
  • Enterprise – The pricing of this would depend on your business so you should call the company directly. The Enterprise plan comes with Unlimited everything and is great for corporations and large businesses.

Customer Support

Onstream Meetings offers email support as one of the their main lines of customer support. You would just have to complete and submit an online form and wait for a reply from one of their representatives. You can also contact them via their hotline number for immediate assistance or mail in letters to their billing addresses. Onstream Meetings also lets you connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

What's the Verdict on Onstream Meetings?

A Definite Buy!

Onstream Meetings Review 2020 – Conclusion

Whether you are a small company looking for a good online conferencing tool or a huge corporation who wants a good way to host online meetings, launch products or offer webinars, Onstream Meeting is the right product for you. Their different subscription plans come at competitive pricing points making each one a great value for money. They offer an array of useful tools and features and a free account with no expiration so you can test them out all you want. They even offer a 20% discount on annual subscriptions. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out their services today.