Flexible and Secure

1&1 offers shared and cloud hosting at incredibly affordable initial prices. What set this company’s offerings apart, though, are its top-notch security features and the option to use either Linux or Windows for your operating system. Very few hosting providers let you choose your operating system, especially for a shared hosting plan. Even fewer will give you a free SSL certificate right off the bat, alongside DDoS protection coverage and other advanced security measures that often cost extra fees.

In addition, 1&1 uses a geo-redundant infrastructure: simply put, all of their data is stored in two completely different data centers. If a data center encounters huge problems, the other data center steps in and ensures that everything keeps running smoothly. A third data center keeps backups of all the data, too, so you always have a Plan B.

With all those features bundled in, plus the ability to choose from specialty hosting plans designed for WordPress or on cloud architecture, 1&1 gives you tremendous flexibility and security without straining your budget.