Different Ways to Sell

People usually think that selling items online just means opening an online store or e-commerce website but it is not. Shopify offers different ways to get your online business up and running. Depending on the subscription plan that you get, you can avail of the different ways Shopify provides for you to sell you items. Here is a quick rundown of the ways you can sell your items with Shopify

  • Online Store:Choose from over 100 store templates that you can customize to make it your very own and feature all your items on your own online store. You can showcase you products in an organized online catalogue organized by category so they are easy to browse.
  • Point of Sale:They offer a POS that can accept multiple payment methods so you can transact anywhere. Whether you have s local store, go door-to-door or offer payment upon delivery to your customers, the POS allows you to accept those payments.
  • Buy Button:Shopify offers an embed code that lets you present your products anywhere on your website with a buy button for easy purchasing. So you can make the most of your web space and sell your items all over your site.
  • PinterestPins: They have partnered with Pinterest to let customers buy your products without having to leave the Pinterest  If they pin an item on the app, it will automatically show a buy button which allows them to purchase and checkout right on Pinterest.
  • Twitter Buy Now:Items that have been tweeted or shared on Twitter from your online store will automatically have a buy button so shoppers can purchase them without having to leave Twitter.
  • Facebook Shop:More than half a billion people are on Facebook every day so reach that market and sell items on a hop section of your Facebook page. Customers can enjoy browsing on a desktop or mobile device and not have to leave Facebook to make a purchase.