Award Winning Customer Service

While certainly not one of the more high profile hosting services out there, nor is it the one with the most years of experience in the field, WebHostingPad has nevertheless received numerous awards in recognition of its outstanding customer service. With more than 30 awards under its belt, this web hosting service is definitely not one to be underestimated. More than that, it has a ton of features that are on par with even the more popular hosting services right now, not to mention some ironclad guarantees that can definitely give its customers some much needed peace of mind.

Pricing & Features

WebHostingPad offers a fairly comprehensive list of features that are on par with most Linux-based hosting services out in the current market. Should you choose this particular hosting service, and whichever plan you choose to subscribe to (whether the Power Plan or Power Plan Plus), you will get access to unlimited hosting space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, access to their free site builder tool, unlimited email accounts, unimited email forwarders, POP & IMAP support, unlimited email autoresponders, unlimited parked domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited mySQL databases, access to the industry standard cPanel, server side includes, webmail, log files & site stats, customizable error pages, spam protection, 24/7 customer support, Softaculous script support, Cloud Linux, Guardian Security Scan, eCommerce features, and some bonus features, such as message boards, PHP Nuke, mailing list, image galleries/Coppermine, Mambo & Joomla, phpForm generator, PHP, Perl, and Python. Should you choose to get the higher priced Power Plan Plus, you will get an SSL certificate, SSH access, advanced spam filters, advanced web stats, business directory listing, and an advanced security scan.

The Power Plan will cost you $3.99 per month for 1 year of service, $2.99 per month for 2 years, and $1.99 per month for 3 or more years of service. The Power Plan Plus, meanwhile, will cost you $6.99 per month for 1 year of service, $5.99 a month for 2 years, $4.99 per month for 3 years, and $3.99 per month for 4 or more years.

Customer Support

WebHostingPad offers round the clock customer support so you don’t have to worry about having to wait for certain hours just to be able to get a hold of one of their agents. You can contact them via phone, email, live chat, support tickets, or even traditional mail. There is also an incredibly comprehensive knowledgebase section that details just about every aspect of their service. In addition, the knowledgebase also includes a FAQ section, as well as some helpful video tutorials.

What's the Verdict on WebHostingPad?

Worth It, Some Issues

WebHostingPad Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are looking for a Linux-based web hosting service provider that offers a feature set that can go toe to toe with the best there is at some really affordable prices, then WebHostingPad is definitely the clear choice. While this hosting provider has a few things that some might not agree with, the positives definitely outweigh the negative. So if you want a simple but incredibly feature-packed hosting solution that won’t break the bank, then check out WebHostingPad now!