Uptime Guarantee

Website uptime is very important as you could lose hundreds of dollars of service and business thanks to a few minutes of downtime. LiquidWeb provides a great way to avoid this by powering their customer servers with four world-class data centers which they personally run and manage. They, like other providers, guarantee 100% uptime for their clients, but they do it a little differently than the rest. LiquidWeb will credit your account 10x the times of the downtime you experience. If your website goes offline for 1 hour, your account will be credited with 100 free hours of web hosting. So even if on the small chance your servers go down, LiquidWeb compensates you generously.

Proactive Monitoring

LiquidWeb’s Sonar Monitoring team is a dedicated group of technicians whose sole purpose is to ensure service dependability and instant problem resolution. They key is immediate response, reduced downtime, and resolution of problems before the customer becomes aware of them.