Pricing and Features

Adobe Connect Webinars proudly presents three main plans to choose from. The first plan is worth $1,250 per year per webinar manager (equating to $104 per month), and can accommodate up to 100 participants. Next, for $4,500 per year per webinar manager (equivalent to $375 a month), you can have up to 500 participants joining your session. Thirdly, at $5,500 per year per webinar manager ($458 per month), you can have as much as 1,000 guests entering your session. Do take note that they can offer plans for target audience volume greater than those listed and shared webinar rooms, but the rates are not explicitly published so you would have to contact their sales department for more information.

Aside from a rich multimedia conferencing experience, you can give your participants a variety of interactive options like private chat, question and answer portions, and polls to vote on, to ensure that they are kept involved and engaged. Attendees coming in from a mobile platform need not worry about receiving limited options because they will experience the same immersive and exciting features that desktop users enjoy. Prior to the session, you will also be delighted to know that aside from the invites, you can send out a reminder to your audience regarding the webinar schedule details and they can send out a confirmation on their attendance.

To avoid having to redo the whole preparation for the same topic for a webinar session, you can record an existing one and have it edited for video streaming later on. Account branding and customization can be applied to the content to bring a more professional look and feel to the videos. These files can then be browsed by users within your central content library.

Adobe Connect Webinars is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. As for the mobile application, it can be downloaded and installed on both iOS and Android devices.

Customer Support

Adobe Connect Webinars has a support page where you can find tutorials and manuals to each of their products. It also contains a search toolbar for a faster and more efficient filtering of topics. If you are ready to make a purchase, or if you have certain questions and clarifications, you can leave a message on their connect page. Once subscribed, you can have their customer hotline as a quicker means of contacting customer support.

Try It For Free!

Adobe Connect Webinars gives you the opportunity to test out the software and everything that it has to offer. The trial will allow you to host a meeting of up to 25 participants. To register, enter your personal information like name and address and organization details, and accept the terms of the license agreement. After that, you are now ready to use the software.

Keep in mind that they do not ask for your credit card details, so you won’t automatically be enrolled in any plan after a certain period of time.

What's the Verdict on Adobe Connect Webinars?

Worth It, Some Issues

Adobe Connect Webinars Review 2020 – Conclusion

Adobe Connect Webinar offers a complete package when it comes to webinar software solutions. It provides an immersive multimedia conferencing experience while keeping audience attention in check. Customizable branding features also allow for a more professional impression of the event. All of these come at a price, though, as this software has one of the most expensive rates that you will find. Nevertheless, with a name that has been trusted for years when it comes to software solutions, you can rest easy that Adobe Connect Webinar will do wonders for you.