Pricing and Features

As previously mentioned, MegaMeeting does not offer their rates upfront, so you would have to get in touch with their sales team to have a glimpse of their packages and prices. They do state that their packages start at $39 per month, which is the usual average pricing for a basic webinar software.

The MegaMeeting software is 100% browser-based so there is no need to download the program; all you need to do is simply log-in to your account and you are ready to roll. There are certain additional features that would require installation of plug-ins though, but this should only take a few moments of your time. There is no information on the number of attendees allotted even for the basic plan, so you might want to check this information with their customer support team. Two training sessions, consisting of 90 minutes each, are included in the package. The software runs on all three PC platforms — Windows, Mac, and Linux — although there are specific features which may not be available on Mac. For invitations and links, it can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and iOS Mail for faster and easier dissemination.

Just as with any other webinar software, you can encourage audience participation by initiating polls, surveys and Q&A portions. You can also share the presenter role, share files, applications, or your whole desktop to your viewers. There are available chatrooms for a little more private communication, although they have yet to offer breakout rooms for focused group discussion in large audiences. Lastly, every session is secured with 128-bit SSL encoding so you are assured that your connections are private and encrypted.

Customer Support

MegaMeeting offers their product manual as the main source of information on software operation. They also have a wiki page containing some tutorials and guides on the different parts of the program. You can also directly contact their customer support team for assistance. They can be reached via phone call or email, or by leaving a message on their contact page. Unfortunately, they are also lacking social media accounts, so there is no quick and instant way to communicate with their representatives.

Free Live Demo

If you want a more closer look at MegaMeeting’s features and services, then you may want to sign-up for a live demonstration of their product. Simply enter your name, email address, and phone number, and voila! You are ready to sit through a demo session with one of their support team. Make sure you have a webcam and microphone for the activity, as it is a live demo that requires your participation and interaction. Once you have configured both hardware, you will be connected to one of their staff who will give you a basic walkthrough of the ins and outs of MegaMeeting, from familiarizing with its user interface to managing session connections. Don’t miss out on the chance to join a demo session without any costs – sign-up now!

What's the Verdict on MegaMeeting?

There Are Better Options

MegaMeeting Review 2020 – Conclusion

In conclusion, MegaMeeting does not really offer anything new to the table. The features that they offer are the same average ones which can be found in any other webinar software. But one thing that makes this one stand out is its automatic training session once you sign-up, which shows that you are in good hands and will be assisted with utmost priority. If you value thorough understanding and mastery over your webinar software, then you should definitely check out MegaMeeting.