IMCreator offers you three plans: its standard White Label service, a self-hosted option, and a powerful, customizable package for enterprise use.

The standard plan gives you all the essentials for a reseller website builder business. This review delves into the plan’s features below, but rest assured it’s a jampacked plan, with everything from unlimited licenses to extensive site performance tracking. The plan will cost you  $350 each year.

If you’d like to host your business’ websites on your own servers, however, you’ll need to jump to IMCreator’s Host It Yourself plan. Aside from full control over your websites’ hosting, IMCreator also throws in premium features like cPanel integration, CSS control in the website editor, custom APIs for each domain, and more. However, if you want all of these features, you’ll have to pay at least $2,500 per year.

Finally, if you intend to launch a large-scale website builder service, you’ll want to take a look at IMCreator’s custom enterprise plan. Aside from all the features of the lower-priced plan, you’ll be able to customize the functions and elements of IMCreator’s website builder system. Your custom builder will then be hosted on your very own cloud server. However, prices jump to a minimum of $25K per year, which might be pretty steep unless you’ve got a hefty corporate budget at your disposal.