For the most part, Volusion’s template offerings are pretty on par with modern web design trends. You get sleek-looking themes adorned with big images, and a good deal of them are mobile responsive as well. Unfortunately, compared to other template providers, Volusion offers fewer choices than most. Currently, they offer over 75 templates, which is a far cry from the hundreds or thousands of choices offered by competitors. In addition, they don’t offer any other category besides e-commerce templates for their own platform. So if you don’t intend on building an e-commerce website with Volusion, then this is not the place for you.


Thankfully, for those who are interested in their service, Volusion’s prices are pretty good. You can get free themes from them, or you can opt to pay for more premium themes. It must be noted, however, that their free themes aren’t cheap looking – so that is a huge plus. Free themes include both responsive and non-responsive themes. Meanwhile, if you want to go for the premium themes, Volusion offers two price points: $50 and $180. The former doesn’t have responsive themes, but includes a mobile design, while the latter offers fully responsive themes.

Premium Template Kit

If the templates that you see in the selection of Volusion are not quite right for you, then you may want to check out their Premium Template Kit. Each kit contains a premium template, unique add-on components and a personalized consultation with an e-Commerce design expert.

Premium templates are also responsive in nature, and design experts will also help you choose from Volusion’s premium collection for the best fit for your business. Additional components include: featured product scroll, quick view and one slide or hero image design.

Meanwhile, the one-one-one consultation lasts for 30 minutes and you also get a follow-up email with design recommendations. At $1,500, the Premium Template Kit may be expensive, but compared to hiring a professional to design our website, it is still a great deal.

Customer Support

Volusion can be reached via email, live chat or phone. If you prefer to troubleshoot or learn on your own, they also provide comprehensive resources, from guides to FAQs and more. All in all, Volusion’s customer support is pretty good.

What's the Verdict on Volusion?

Worth It, Some Issues

Volusion Templates Review 2020 – Conclusion

On the whole, Volusion’s templates are great. They are all well-designed, they look fantastic, and a good deal of them are responsive out of the box. It also doesn’t hurt that the prices are generally quite affordable. However, because of the nature of their primary service as an e-commerce website builder, the templates are restricted to their own platform. In addition, there are less choices here compared to others, and you won’t really find any other template category here besides e-commerce. There are lots of better alternatives out there if you are not looking to build an online store, but if you are, then Volusion might be a good place to start – especially since you can immediately build a website using their platform.