Pricing and Features

Balsamiq offers a single user license of Mockups 3 for $89. They also offer MyBalsamiq, their web app, which allows for multiple projects starting at $12 a month for 3 projects, $24 a month for 10 projects, $49 a month for 20 active projects, $99 a month for 50 active projects, and $199 a month for 100 active projects. If you only want the Balsamiq Mockup plugins, you can get it for Google Drive at $5 a month, or $50 a year.

Balsamiq’s interface shows the elements only when they are needed, so while you may be surprised at first that the interface shows fewer elements than usual, you’ll get familiar with it soon enough. This is one way yo keep you focused on the design and process flow instead of being interrupted with a tutorial pop-up every once in a while.

With the drag-and-drop functionality, you can add elements into your project without much fuss. Moreover, Balsamiq recognizes numerous keyboard shortcuts so you can work even faster. While you can create templates from scratch, you can also re-use elements and components.

You can share your mockups with links via PNG or PDF export, or by using third-party tools to export the code. Unfortunately, Balsamiq has no way to share the mockups directly to other users though, which could have been more convenient. Nevertheless, exporting it literally takes seconds, so this is not much of a problem.

Customer Support

Customer Support is very important with a product such as a wireframing as any problems encountered by users could cost them time and money. Balsamiq offers a lot of useful customer support options to help users. There is an extensive FAQ section where you can find answers to common problems and concerns. Balsamiq also has a very interactive forum where users and administrators tackle different problems that you might be encountering just now so you can find solutions from past threads or start a new one and get help from other users and support representatives. Of course they also offer the traditional methods of customer support such as email and phone support along with social media accounts. Concerns are sure to be resolved in the least amount of time with Balsamiq’s customer support so there is no worry about using their product.

What's the Verdict on Balsamiq?

Worth It, Some Issues

Balsamiq Review 2017- Conclusion

Balsamiq offers a very affordable way to get your wireframe and layout done costing only $89 for a single license. This makes it good for individuals or those who are looking to cut down on cost. Businesses who would need more than just one license can avail of their discount pricing for more than one license which you can check out right on their website. The interface is easy to use and learn so you can get used to it fairly quickly. They even offer tutorials to help you learn the features of Balsamiq to get you started using it with ease. If you are looking for an affordable wireframing service then Balsamiq is definitely a good choice. So go ahead and check out Balsamiq today.