A Subscription You Can Afford

We mentioned earlier that Church Web Builder prices are very affordable even with their highest subscription plan. Each of the four subscription plans give you Unlimited Web Pages, the ability to upload photos, flash, audio and video files, create email accounts, have an events calendar, newsletters and announcements and polling surveys among other features. Now let’s take a closer look at those four different subscriptions and see specifically what you can get for each.

  • Basic $21.95 / month: 2 email accounts, no RSS feeds or podcasts, no online store, no donations and 500MB storage space.
  • Church $24.95 / month: 20 email accounts, RSS feeds and podcasts, online store, donations/prayer requests/outreach/bible search and 1GB storage space.
  • Business $28.95 / month: 50 email accounts, RSS feeds and podcasts, online store, NO donations and 2GB storage space.
  • Advanced $39.95 / month: 100 email accounts, 3GB storage space and complete features.