Akamai Kona is a Top Ten DDOS Company

Akamai Kona site defender is an innovative technology of one of the largest companies who deal in website performance and protection site: Akamai technologies. You can get many added benefits if you sign up for Akamai Kona site defender. You should also get the services of Akamai Intelligent Platform that provides you the ubiquity to scale reliably and adapt to the changes on the go. This platform has 125,000 servers on more than 1000 networks across more than 100 countries throughout the world.

Through Akamai Kona, you can assure your website to give 100% uptime and maximum performance without any harm from the largest volume DDoS attacks. Many large enterprise corporations who have a high traffic of visitors on their site daily feel unsafe from DDoS attacks and it is also not possible for them to build a sufficient IT infrastructure to meet the demands of DDoS protection. Akamai Kona is a cloud based DDoS protection service and you can handle it from anywhere through an online portal. Akamai Kona uses some cutting edge technologies to protect you from any kind of large volume DDoS attacks.

Important Buyer Information

Akamai Kona is the most reliable DDoS protection services provider for any person who has a network or website server. Being a pioneer in providing CDN services to its customers and DDoS protection, Akamai Kona won’t let you down at first place.

Akamai is providing Akamai Kona site defender services depending on the bandwidth you want to use. Akamai has some giant companies in the list of their valuable and satisfied customers like Facebook, Twitter, and Bing. You can understand the level of their services from the list of their customers. However, you can’t come to a conclusion until you use the excellent services of Akamai Kona site defender.

DDOS Attacks! Are You Read?

DDoS attack is a kind of flood attack that affects your network or website server from bots and ceases them for the intended customers. DDoS attacks are very harmful for the reputation of your business and revenue generation. Some large volume DDoS attacks are very harmful for your website and network server and can last for 24 hrs to 65 hrs.

DDoS are very hazardous for some enterprise business and e-commerce because your revenue generation and reputation is totally depended on your site visitors in these businesses.

What's the Verdict on Akamai Kona?

Worth It, Some Issues

Akamai Kona Review 2017- Conclusion

Akamai Kona site defender is the most efficient and reliable DDoS protection services for your website. It doesn’t matter whether you hold a big enterprise company or a small business; you must need Akamai Kona if you have a website with heavy traffic. You can also use Akamai Kona DDoS protection services in the midst of an attack because it takes a very little time to initiate this service.

You can easily outsource your DDoS protection related issues to Akamai Kona site defender and concentrate on your business and IT infrastructure. This way you should become worry free from any online threats to your valuable business and concentrate on your business and marketing issues. Akamai Kona can be easily initiated on any kind of IT infrastructure and you don’t need any kind of extra hardware and software installation.

No matter whether you are a small or large business owner having a website to handle thousands of customers every day, you must need reliable services of DDoS protection like Akamai Kona site defender.