Top Forum Software Platform Reviews of 2018

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Forums and their subsequent software are one of the legacy technologies of the internet which have persisted beyond web 2.0. For many years, the software powering bulletin boards and software has been completely outdated with terrible products. But there has been a powerful resurgence in the technology, user interfaces, and user experience behind these tools. Here we are happy to present our findings and research we did specifically for you on forum software and bulletin boards neatly into a top ten chart, enjoy!

CompanyRankingRatingPrice Description
Muut1st9.8 out of 10$16.00 Per Month

Muut Review

A fantastic embeddable forum solution that makes use of a clean UI, integrates seamlessly with CMS's, run smoothly on mobile, and more.Full Muut Review »

Plush Forums

2nd9.7 out of 10$49.00 Per Month

Plush Forums Review

A loaded forum platform with mobile compatibility and features that both the builder and members will enjoy- plus an affordable price to boot.Full Plush Forums Review »

Vanilla Forums

3rd9.5 out of 10$99.00 Per Month

Vanilla Forums Review

A stellar forum builder that offers an intuitive and easy to use platform, customizable forms, rich content, advanced search, and many more.Full Vanilla Forums Review »


4th9.3 out of 10Free

Proboards Review

An intuitive, remotely hosted forum software that is easily customizable and offers tons of features at no cost.Full Proboards Review »


5th9 out of 10$100.00 Per Month

NodeBB Review

A forum software that offers highly interactive forums complete with social media integration, mobile optimization, media embeds, and much more.Full NodeBB Review »


6th8.9 out of 10$19.00 Per Month

Ginger Review

An affordable, cloud-based forum software perfect for team collaborations, it comes in different price points and has a free trial.Full Ginger Review »
Wix7th9.8 out of 10$7.00 Per Month

Wix Review

Wix is an amazing website builder with over 500+ beautiful templates, extreme flexibility, and fantastic ease of use. Perfect for virtually any site.Full Wix Review »


8th8.4 out of 10Free

MyBB Review

A fantastic forum software that offers an easy to use admin panel, theme support, and even the ability to add plugins for extended functionality.Full MyBB Review »

9th8.1 out of 10Free Review

A free to use forum software that is surprisingly feature-rich, highly customizable, user-friendly, and comparable to more popular services.Full Review »


10th8.0 out of 10Free

phpBB Review

An excellent free forum software that offers a great degree of flexibility and customization, anti-spam measures, private messaging and more.Full phpBB Review »

11th8.0 out of 10$9.95 Per Month Review

A solid forum software that is easy to set up, affordable and offers tons of features -- from integrated chat rooms to mailing lists, and more.Full Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.


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  • UPDATE ON Muut:
    Muut costs $16 per month and most users would want their own hosting at $36 per month. If they want access to their user list its $486 per month. I’d say this would drop the rating 72/100 user provided

    • Hi Jake,

      Thanks for the update! 🙂 Their pricing scheme is still largely the same though–they just removed the free plan. Moreover, the $36/mo Mini Plan offers a bit more value than, say, PlushForums’$49/mo plan. For starters, Muut offers unlimited simultaneous users online, while PlushForums starts at 100 members.

  • I am really pleased to read this blog posts which includes lots
    of helpful information, thanks for providing these information.

    • Glad you liked it! 🙂

  • Time for another update. Nodebb does have a free trial, but their plans start at $100 per month

    • Thanks for the heads up, Bo! We will update it ASAP.

      • why so expensive? $20, $50~$100 month?? for forums… you could get a whole plan @inmotionhosting for a 10th of the price and get way more value for money.

        • We don’t know why the companies set their prices that way–we are simply an independent review site. 🙂

          Also, people have different needs. If they only needed to set up a forum, going for a full hosting solution might not be ideal for them. A dedicated forum platform, in this case, is the best way to go.