Backups on the Go!

Carbonite offers free mobile apps for both iOS and Android users that allows you to access all of your uploaded files straight from your smartphone or tablet. The software’s incremental backup feature also ensures that you can always view the latest version of your files even on mobile, which can come in handy for those who may want to work on their files on the go. Beyond that, the app also allows you to automatically upload photos and videos to the cloud, which, when combined with unlimited storage, truly makes this one of the most powerful and useful backup solutions in the market. Backing up your data doesn’t just mean being tethered to a PC, now you can access files and do backups while on the go!

Ease of Use & Features

It cannot be stressed enough: Carbonite is one of the best in the industry, chiefly because of how much value and reliability you are getting. For starters, whether you subscribe to the most basic plan or the higher end one, you get unlimited storage. While this may not sound as impressive on paper, having unlimited backup storage definitely goes a long way, especially for those who work on a lot of documents or files on a daily basis. Take note, however, that the software does not upload files larger than 4GB by default, but you can easily override this just by manually selecting larger files for upload. And once you do this, those files will automatically be backed up in the future.

For those who would prefer to free up their bandwidth or simply lighten the load on your PC, Carbonite allows you to set it up so it does not run during certain times of the day. It also gives you the ability to schedule backups during specific times on certain dates, or even on a recurring basis.

Another immensely useful thing that this online backup solution does is that it takes incremental backups of your files on a continuous basis. This means that the software records any and all changes that you make to a document, which ensures that the backup is always up to date. More than that, the changes are reflected to all of your connected devices so wherever you sign in, whether on another computer or your mobile phone, you will always have access to the most recent version of your files.

The Software’s security is something worth noting as well. Before your files even leave your PC and gets uploaded to the cloud, Carbonite automatically encrypts them, which it then uploads using a SSL connection. Plus, the moment they arrive in or uploaded to the company’s data center, they are once again encrypted and even added with an additional layer of protection to ward off a variety of threats, like viruses, for example. As you can see, with this online backup solution, you won’t ever have to worry about your files getting compromised.


You can try Carbonite’s software for free via their 15 day trial, but if you want to dive right in, they offer three plans for you to choose from. For starters, the Basic plan will cost you $47.99 per year, per computer, and will give you automatic cloud back ups, and sync and share features with their free apps. Next, the Plus plan goes for $79.99 per yer, per computer, and will give you access to all features of the previous plan, plus external hard drive back up, and even the ability to create a local backup of your hard drive. Finally, the Prime plan goes for $119.99 per yer, per computer, and gives you all the features of the previous plans, plus automatic video backups and a courier recovery service that promises to ship a backup of your data directly to your doorstep, in case a downtime occurs.

Carbonite also has plans more suited for businesses. These include the Pro, which starts at $269.99 per year and gives you backup protection for an unlimited number of computers, the Server, which starts at $799.99 per year and gives you a hybrid backup solution for files, databases and live applications, and the Appliance, which starts at $1,119.99 per year and gives you an all-in-one hybrid solution with the speed of on-site data recovery and more.

Customer Support

Carbonite’s customer support can easily be reached via phone, email, or live chat support. Should you wish to learn more about their service at your own pace, their incredibly comprehensive FAQ and Knowledgebase sections should definitely be of help.

What's the Verdict on Carbonite?

A Definite Buy!

Carbonite Review – Conclusion

Carbonite is one the best online backup solutions in the market that does exactly what it advertises and more. It provides unlimited storage for all of its plans, allows you to control the frequency of backups, encrypts your files for unmatched security, and even offers a free mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. While it may be lacking in some areas, the value offered by this online backup service greatly outweighs whatever few blemishes it has. So, what are you waiting for? They have a 15 day free trial so check it out for yourself now!