Tailwind Subscriptions

Tailwind offers 3 subscription plans to choose from, but one of them is the Enterprise plan which you have to contact Tailwind to get the price of. If you do want to use all the features that Tailwind offers, then contact them to get pricing details on the Enterprise Plan. As we have mentioned earlier, they offer the Plus Plan at $9.99 a month and Professional Plan at $799.99 a month. Here is a closer look at both those plans.

The Plus Plan offer monthly and annual subscription, if you do decide to go with an annual subscription, you get a 33% discount of the total price and unlimited pins. If you decide to pay monthly, you are stuck with the regular price and are limited to 400 pins a month. You only get 2 collaborators and 7 days pin archive with the Plus Plan of Tailwind and very limited pin monitoring and optimization.

To get the most out of your use of Tailwind, you would have to stomach the price tag and go with the Professional plan. It allows for 1 year archives and at least 5 collaborators. You also get the full features for pin optimization, analysis and more.

Just A Few Names

Here are just a few of the big names that use the services of Tailwind as of this writing.  Companies such as AOL, Ebay, Foot Locker, Nike, 3M, Walmart and even Microsoft use the services of Tailwind. If Tailwind is good enough for these top name companies, maybe it is worth a free trial run from you. So take a cue from these companies and check out Tailwind.

What's the Verdict on TailWind?

A Must Try

Tailwind Review – Conclusion

If you are planning to optimize your Pinterest and expanding the reach of your business’ online marketing, then Tailwind is a good step to take. While their Professional plan costs an arm and a leg at $799.99 a month, it may be worth it if it significantly increases your business’ income. If you don’t have the budget, you are stuck with the $9.99 a month plan that has rather limited features but is, nevertheless, a very good place to start increasing your Pinterest exposure. Good news is both plans offer a free trial so you don’t have to shell out the money right away. Take advantage of the free trial and check out what Tailwind can do for your online presence today!