Best Online Dive Shops – Where to Buy in 2018

You can’t scuba dive without the proper gear. When shopping online for scuba gear, you need a place that guarantees that your gear fits, and you can return/exchange in case they don’t You might also like a place that has the largest inventory at competitive to good prices.

If you’re planning to take a scuba diving trip for your next lesson, or would like to be a certified diver, there are no better places to buy your gear from than the sites included in our list below. Check out our top ten best online dive shops and see which reseller works best for you!

CompanyRankingRatingPrice Description

Leisure Pro

1st9.8 out of 10Varies

Leisure Pro Review

Leisure Pro is a place to find some of the best leisure equipment around and the lowest prices with their best price match guarantee.Full Leisure Pro Review »

Simply Scuba

2nd9.4 out of 10Varies

Simply Scuba Review

A one-stop-shop for all your scuba diving needs for customers within and outside the UK.Full Simply Scuba Review »

Scuba Store

3rd9.4 out of 10Varies

Scuba Store Review

Scuba Store is an online store that gives you an option to choose from thousands and thousands of products from hundreds of scuba brands.Full Scuba Store Review »

Joe Diver America

4th9.2 out of 10Varies

Joe Diver America Review

Joe Diver America is a reliable source of quality gear. They have some of the best gears at the most affordable prices.Full Joe Diver America Review »

Dive Right in Scuba

5th9 out of 10Varies

Dive Right in Scuba Review

Dive Right In Scuba is one of the best online scuba gear stores with a wide selection of products at the lowest prices in the market.Full Dive Right in Scuba Review »

Dive Gear Express

6th9 out of 10Varies

Dive Gear Express Review

Diver Gear Express is a very good online store to shop for your diving needs. They offer a good selection of items with many payment options.Full Dive Gear Express Review »

7th8.8 out of 10Varies Review

A reliable place to purchase all your diving needs with price protection guarantee, product packages and specials.Full Review »

Scuba Toys

8th8.6 out of 10Varies

Scuba Toys Review

An authorized dealer of a number of scuba brands. Their dive gears are authentic and are covered with a full manufacturer's warranty.Full Scuba Toys Review »

Dolphin Scuba

9th8.4 out of 10Varies

Dolphin Scuba Review

Dolphin Scuba is a good place to get quality scuba gear. They have a wide selection of products from different brands.Full Dolphin Scuba Review »

Divers Direct

10th8.2 out of 10Varies

Divers Direct Review

Divers Direct is a good online retailer that carries over a hundred known scuba gear brands with thousands of items in inventory.Full Divers Direct Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Things You Need to Know:


Most if not all these sites are resellers and not manufacturers.  They all carry certain brands and when looking for something specific, you may have to buy from several sites.

Special Features:

Special features answer this basic question: why would a person choose to shop at the particular Sucba Diving Gear distributor. Most companies list their special offers and features on their landing page, and feature them prominently. Special features have a lot to do with satisfaction guarantees, free or discounts on shipping, customer feedback, return policies, and financing options.

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