Dashlane Pricing and Features

Dashlane offers unlimited password storage so you never have to forget what it is, and you don’t have to use the same password over and over again, effectively increasing each of your account’s security. Moreover, you get security alerts when there are possible breaches- you can choose to act on it right away and use the password changer to cut off any chances of prying hands getting ahold of your credentials.

Should you need to change your password, you can do so without any fuss- just choose the accounts that you wish to change passwords, enter the new ones, and you’re all set! You can change multiple passwords in one click and store them directly into the password database, meaning you don’t need to memorize them one by one.

All of these features come for absolutely no cost- all you have to do is go over to their website and download the software. They also offer Dashlane Premium for $3.33 a month (billed annually), which adds password and data syncing across all devices (even those where Dashlane has not been installed), automatic account backups, unlimited password sharing, and 2-factor authentication, for an added layer of security.

Dashlane is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Better and Stronger Passwords

If you have a habit of using weak passwords (which may have lead to a compromised account before), you can use Dashlane’s Password Generator. You can adjust the password’s length and character combination, whether you want it to be comprised of letters, digits, and symbols. You can also set it to be pronounceable or not. All three elements of a strong password are taken into consideration: length, randomness, and uniqueness. While strong passwords are typically at least 12 characters long, you can adjust the setting to produce one between 4 to 40 characters. You can use it directly from their website- it does not require any download or any of your personal information.

Dashlane Business

Who says password management strictly needs to be a personal affair? Dashlane Business marries personal and professional password security- it can contain passwords for both personal and work-related accounts, which are conveniently separated from one another. Not only can your organization be protected from data breaches (which usually stem from using weak and obvious passwords), employees have the perk of securing their own personal password for websites and services that they are using. It also offers company security reporting, analysis of each user’s password, and custom policies and settings.

Currently, there is a free trial offer where you don’t need to enter your credit card details, so you can be assured that there will be no auto-subscription after the trial period has expired. With Dashlane Business, you can encourage employees to use stronger passwords and strengthen the company’s security as a whole.

Dashlane Customer Service

Dashlane has a comprehensive support center where you can search for articles and guides in using the software. If you need to contact their team, you can do so by submitting a help request- Dashlane Premium users enjoy VIP and priority responses. From experience, they are able to respond within a couple of days. You can check out their blog for the latest news on online security, and they are also present in social media via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube for promos and updates.

What's the Verdict on Dashlane?

Worth It, Some Issues

Dashlane Review 2020 – Conclusion

With password security and convenience in your hands, its not hard to see why Dashlane trumps most of the competition when it comes to password management. While you can store passwords with ease, they also offer useful perks like form autofill, password generator and changer, digital wallet, and most of all, security alerts in case of data breaches. Their very own security architecture is patented in the US, so you can rest assured that your data is in good hands, and hackers will have a hard time cracking their code. They do have some room for improvement, but overall, Dashlane is a definite must have if you need a safe and secured place to store all of your sensitive credentials.