LastPass Free

LastPass offers a free account for anyone to use. It can be installed in a variety of devices, whether Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android. It is also compatible with popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. You can install the browser extension so that logging in can be done without leaving your current window.

Memorizing passwords is a thing of the past- LastPass not only stores it in one place for easy retrieval, but also autofills out your credentials, saving your time and energy. If you feel that your passwords are not secure enough, you can use the password generator for a stronger one with just one click. Meanwhile, with secure notes, you can save information for other accounts aside from websites like addresses, credit card numbers, and passport details.

LastPass has a unique feature called the Security Challenge where an analysis of your password vault is done to determine how well your security fares. Some of the factors considered are: password length, duplicates, use of multi-factor authentication, and number of secured passwords stored in their vault. Each of your account’s passwords will be evaluated as well, and it’s up to you to change those that are deemed weak, for your own security.

As an added layer of security, you can also make use of multi-factor authentication. Aside from requiring you to log in using your credentials, and then enter a new piece of generated data. LastPass is compatible with a number of authenticator apps that you can use with their platform to further ensure that you and only you have access to your vault.

LastPass Premium

Meanwhile, for $2 a month, you can enjoy more features with LastPass Premium. Aside from all of the free account’s perks, it also includes emergency access, where you can assign someone to have access to your account in cases where you are unable to. You can also use advanced multi-factor authentication options like YubiKey, Sesame, and fingerprint authentication. Your vault also has a 1 GB storage for critical files like passports and membership cards. If you are using a Windows PC, you can use LastPass to autofill for applications, and even launch them directly from the tray icon. Lastly, you can enjoy priority tech support from their team, and your ticket will always be on the top of their list.

LastPass Business

If you need a password management solution for your whole organization, then the LastPass Business packages is something you should look into. It has two plans- Teams and Enterprise. The former is ideal for organizations with 50 members or less, and includes all of the Premium features plus unlimited shared folders, an admin dashboard, basic user activity reports, and standard security policies. It costs $2.42 a month, billed annually.

Meanwhile the Enterprise plan costs $4 a month, and offers everything the previous plans have, with added integration, security, and provisioning features. All available multi-factor options can be integrated like Symantec VIP, RSA SecurID, and SalesForce#. Security policies can be customized to create a more fitting setup for the organization’s specific environment. Admin users can generate more detailed reports which includes logins and historical access. You can also integrate the software directly with your back-end system, automate cloud app provisioning, access and customize API, and enjoy a dedicated support team always ready to assist you.

Sharing is Caring… And Receiving

If you already have a LastPass account, you can invite your friends to sign up for their own account, and in return, both of you will get one month of the Premium package for free! You can enter their email addresses via the referral page, or you can also make use of the generated URL as a referral link for your friends and followers. You can stack up your reward up to one year, so be sure to invite friends to enjoy free LastPass Premium!

Customer Service

LastPass houses an informative support center where you can find articles detailing their packages and its features. You can also check their forums for user discussions and solutions. If you need to contact their team, you can submit a support ticket with the details of your concern. Lastly, you can follow them on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn for the latest news and updates.

What's the Verdict on LastPass?

A Must Try

LastPass Review 2020 – Conclusion

LastPass offers the standard password management package with their free account, and takes things up a notch with their paid subscriptions. Even without paying for a single dime, you can store your passwords in a secure vault, retrieve it as necessary, and have the convenience of forms being auto-filled so you don’t have to memorize each password yourself. Their paid packages are not only affordable, but also offer stronger security capabilities with multi-factor authentication. That said, the company has experienced its own set of attacks and vulnerabilities in the past, but they have quashed these threats and have continued to provide a reliable service. If you have a bunch of passwords and you need a safe place to keep them, then LastPass is something worth a try.