Why PhotoShelter is Perfect for Professionals

Professional photographers will absolutely fall head over heels with the numerous features that PhotoShelter has on offer. One of the most useful out of the bunch is their eCommerce solution, which allows you to easily set up an online shop with an integrated shopping cart built exclusively for photography. This lets you, among many other useful features, accept orders in 23 global currencies and ship worldwide, fulfill orders with automated print vendors, sell rights-managed and royalty-free licenses, set your own prices and unlimited pricelists in order to accommodate different clients, generate your sales report and sales tax information, use PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net or other merchant accounts to accept payment, and even allow clients to buy photos with offline invoicing and payment. Another small, but incredibly significant feature allows you to apply watermarks to your photos in order to protect them. Photographers know all too well that there are tons of people out there that steal photos and claim it as their own, so this feature is definitely a must-have for any photography website.

Important Buyer Information

If you are a professional photographer and don’t have any knowledge about website building and designing, but want to be able to build one without hiring an expensive web designer, then this site is definitely for you. The numerous highly customizable templates and the easy to use WYSIWYG editor lets you easily create a professional-looking photography website without ever learning how to code .

That said, if you are a beginner and just want to be able to showcase and share your photos to photography lovers everywhere, then this site might not be the best fit for you, thanks to a rather expensive price tag. If all you want is to be able to share your work, there are plenty of other low cost or free options out there like Tumblr, Blogger, or WordPress. However, if you are serious about photography and want to be able to sell your work online, as well as grow your presence, then this is one of the best options currently available to you.

PhotoShelter Review – Extra Features

There are many features on offer here that photographers of any caliber, whether novice, freelance, or professional, will definitely find useful in order to grow his presence and business online. For starters, their Beam portfolio platformallows you to choose from 9 gorgeous, highly customizable, and responsive templates that can automatically adjust to fit any screen size or device perfectly. Many people have taken to browsing the world wide web using their mobile devices more than their PC’s, so making sure that your photography website displays perfectly every time, regardless of device used, is key to reaching a large number of people and, consequently, growing your presence.

Speaking of growing your presence, PhotoShelter also offers SEO and analytics that can aid you in that regard. Their service gives you the ability to automatically submit sitemaps to Google, easily index IPTC descriptions, keywords, titles, and code, easily integrate Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, track you most popular public images, and even see who has signed up for an account on your website.

There are also various sharing and marketing options available that let you add yourself to PhotoShelter’s database for buyers, share your website via various social networks, upload images directly to Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr, send email invitations directly from your account, and even create discount codes or coupons for your promotions.

PhotoShelter’s Pricing

Basic Plan – $9.99/month – At this price point you get anything you might need as a hobbyist or as a novice. Photoshelter integrates all of your social media for you, provides 4GB of cloud storage, a custom domain, a mobile app, and will even work in a little SEO on the side. This is definitely the proper step above the free trial account.

Standard Plan – $29.99/month – The standard plan allows you to spread your wings a little bit as a budding photographer. The features available here are nearly identical to the Basic plan, save for a few key differences. This gives you 60GB worth of online storage plus the ability to add eCommerce functionality to your website. This is plan is perfect for freelancers, or even those who are just starting to lay down the foundations for their photography business.

Pro Plan – $49.99/month – Seasoned professionals can definitely do no wrong if they choose this price plan. You get a full terabyte of online storage – that’s 1,000GB – which should be enough for those high resolution uploads. While you don’t get anything else beyond all the features of the previous two plans, the expanded storage alone should be justification enough for the higher price tag. This is definitely a package worth having if you have the money to back it up.

What's the Verdict on PhotoShelter?

Worth It, Some Issues

PhotoShelter Review 2020 – Conclusion

With over 80,000 satisfied photographers from all corners of the globe using PhotoShelter, it is hard to deny that this photography website builder platform is doing a lot of things right. For one thing, while they cater to a lot of professional photographers, they also make it a point to make new users feel at home by providing them with a host of very useful resources, like free photography business guides and interviews of successful photographers, for example. Additionally, you can also create a website without having to learn how to code or even design, thanks to the sleek templates on offer, and their easy to use, WYSIWYG site editor.

For those who are quite serious about photography and would want to expand their business online, PhotoShelter provides an eCommerce option that will let you quickly set up shop and sell your photos. While the price tag for their plans may be more expensive compared to other services’, the numerous features on offer and the quality of service definitely makes the higher asking price, if you are willing to pay and have the money, worth the investment. If you are still undecided, they also have a risk free trial option. So, what are you waiting for? Check out PhotoShelter now!