and Their Products offers 2 products in 2 versions the Clean and Prospector that both come in corporate and premium versions. Each comes with features designed to help your business at its own price.

Their lowest product is the Clean that costs $25 per user/month and allows you to access social accounts and contacts, compare records, sync and match jobs get update notifications. They also offer this in a premium version that costs $35 per user/month and adds D&B company object on leads and accounts and additional SIC/NAICS identifiers. While most users prefer this product as it has sufficient features, also offers the Prospector. Prospector costs $125 per user/month, making it significantly more expensive than Clean. The Prospector however, gives you the ability to search for companies or contacts, view their account card, phone and email and import records up to 300 per user/month as well as most of the features of Clean. The Premium version costs $165 per user/month which is quite costly considering the only additional features are Market pre-screen indicators, Additional SIC/NAICS identifiers and importing corporate family linkages via DUNS numbers.

What's the Verdict on

Worth It, Some Issues Review 2017- Conclusion

Like any other product, it has its target demographic. seems to be more attuned to be used by medium to large businesses for various reasons. Firstly would be the price tag that comes with it as smaller businesses with limited budgets might find too expensive. also has more information about larger businesses and enterprises so small businesses that target other small to medium businesses might not be able to maximize its use. So if you are a small business on a limited budget, you may want to think twice about using, otherwise they do offer a good product that could help you generate more sales opportunities for your business.