Bonanza Fees

While this website allows you to list your items completely for free, keep in mind that Bonanza is a business so you can expect them to charge certain fees for their services. Here is a quick breakdown of what fees you can expect to be paying so you are not caught off guard when you sell an item with Bonanza. This company charges 3.5% of the Final Offer Value, which is the amount the buyer paid you plus a portion of the shipping fee that exceeds $10. An example of this is a sale of an item at $200 with $11 shipping fees, the Final Offer Value of this would be $201 ($200+$1 in excess of $10 shipping) so the fee for this would be $7.035. However, should the FOV be more than $500, Bonanza would just charge $17.50+1.5% of the amount of $500. So if you sell an item for $1000, the fee would just be $17.50+$7.5 (1.5% of the excess $500). This should help you get an idea of how much of the total cost you of a sale you would get.

Bonanza Membership

As mentioned earlier, Bonanza offers a free 14 day trial of their service after which you need to subscribe to a paid membership. There are 3 memberships to choose from with Bonanza and each gives you a certain amount of features to help you sell your items. Each subscription comes with Sponsored Search, Come-back Coupons, Markdown Promos, Digital Goods, Google Analytics and SMS notification alerts. Here is a quick breakdown of the different subscriptions that Bonanza offers.

  • Gold Membership: $40 a month ($24 if annual billing)

This comes with a maximum 75,000 items per booth and minimal features. You do not get as much advertising as other plans and are only allowed 500 digital goods. This also only gives you a total of 250 SMS notifications for when an item is sold or a buyer posts a question. This plan is more for individuals or those with minimal budget to spend.

  • Platinum Membership: $70 a month ($55 if annual billing)

This comes with the same features as the Gold Membership with the addition of Turbo Traffic, which increases the advertising pageviews and sales by up to 3x. It also has advanced import filters, item personalization, 1000 digital goods and 500 SMS notifications a month.

  • Titan Membership: $200 a month ($166 if annual billing)

The most premium membership plan of Bonanza which comes with all the features of the Platinum Membership as well as a few valued additions. The Titan plan allows you up to 100,000 items per booth with Comparison Shopping Engines, Cart Advertising, Monthly Consultations and Personalized Tech Support. You also get 25 days of Turbo Traffic, Unlimited Digital Goods and 1000 SMS notifications a month.

Customer Support

Customer Support is limited to an FAQ section and email support for all users and potential users of Bonanza. For those who have signed up for any of their membership plans, Bonanza also offers real-time chat support between 9AM to 5PM PST.

What's the Verdict on Bonanza?

A Must Try

Bonanza Review 2020 – Conclusion

In terms of selling your items, Bonanza provides an easy and effective way for you to be able to sell your clothes and other items online. In addition to allowing sellers to list items completely free of charge, you can also set up your webstore easily and choose from the different memberships to meet your needs and budget constraints. For buyers, Bonanza may not be the best place to shop because of the different kinds of sellers you may encounter but it is still a good place to find great deals on clothes and other items. You never know the kinds of gems you would find on online stores such as Bonanza so go ahead and check it out today!