If a classy, modern, sleek, as well as timeless, wedding website is what you are after then you will definitely not be disappointed with Wix’s offerings. Currently, they offer 13 different wedding-themed templates to get you going. And each one looks stunning, and tastefully crafted to suit the big event. Even better is the fact that each are already mobile-optimized. This ensures that your website remains intact and useable whichever device is currently being used to view it on. Some wedding website services do not even bother with optimizing their templates for mobile devices so, more often than not, sites created in their platform tend to look horrible and a chore to browse on both tablets and mobile phones. Building a wedding website on Wix, however, ensures that your guests will have a pleasant experience browsing through your site regardless of the device they are currently using.

In terms of how easy to use their platform is, their editor is no doubt user-friendly. Some website building tools from other services tend to be a little obtuse, or even outdated, which is why Wix’s solution is an absolute godsend, especially to couples who are looking to easily set up a wedding website without the need for coding or design chops. You simply drag and drop elements around, and arrange them however you wish. Though it must be noted that swapping templates midway through customization is not advisable because you will have to start over and lose all your progress.