AdFender Main Console

Once you open the Main Console of AdFender, you will immediately see the overview of the program and statistics on how many ads have been blocked, bandwidth saved and other information that shows how effective it is. You can then easily access other features on the side toolbar such as settings, filters, applications, cookies and others. If you have a Professional license, you can access the other advanced features of AdFender such as configuring the HTTPS filter, Anonymizer and Network options. The controls are very easy as everything is neatly laid out so all you have to do is basically point and click your mouse to commands and buttons based on what you want to do with AdFender. This makes is easy for absolutely anybody to use this software, even if they have very minimal technical skills.


Pricing and Features

There are 2 license options that you can go with for AdFender, the Standard and Professional license. The Standard license is free to use for life and allows for basic features such as being able to block banners, videos and pop-up advertisements from your browser. It also saves you 30-40% bandwidth on average and gets frequent filter updates to know which ads to block. All you have to do is download the program from the website and install it onto your computer. After which, you simply access the main console to start choosing the filter lists and rules based on your preferences.

You can also purchase an AdFender Professional license from their website at $19.95 per PC per year with discounts given to higher volume purchases. This license allows for advanced features such as being able to block ads on YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo and other social media sites. It also blocks ads and trackers served over a secure HTTPS connection and protects from malvertisements – or an advertisement that contains a virus or malware. It provides better protection for your online privacy, allows for anonymous browsing and removes “super cookies”. You can check out the Professional features with the 14 day free trial offered by the company and upgrade at any time from the AdFender Main Console.

Price per Year:

1 PC – $19.95

2-4 PCs – $17.96 each

5-7 PCs – $16.96 each

8-10 PCs – $15.96 each

Using AdFender saves you the trouble of having to install different browser add-ons or plug-ins to block ads and trackers as all you need is this light and powerful platform.


Customer Support

AdFender offers a short yet informative FAQ section on their website that tackles most of the common concerns customers would have with their product. For concerns that need further assistance, you can fill out a support form with your name, email, product version, browser type, filter lists, URL, Operating system and concern to give representatives a better picture of the problem you are encountering. You can also send an email to [email protected] or fill-out a feedback form for general information and inquiries. The company also has a presence in social media with a Facebook and Twitter account that you can connect with for updates, news and more.

What's the Verdict on AdFender?

A Must Try

AdFender Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are looking for a simple ad blocker that prevents pop-ups, banners and video ads from disrupting your online experience then AdFender Standard is a good choice to go with since it is free for life. You can also choose to go with AdFender Professional for as low as $16 a month and get advanced features for more protection and convenience. Both licenses are only available for Windows desktops though, so Mac users or those looking for ad blocking for mobile devices would need to look elsewhere. Otherwise, AdFender certainly lives up to their reputation as one of the top ad blockers in the business. Check out all their features for a full 14 days with a free trial! So give AdFender a try today!