Reliable Tracking & Payments

What good is an affiliate marketing network if you can’t rely on a consistent payment schedule, or, worse, if you do not get exactly what you earn? Thankfully, Commission Junction has pretty reliable tracking and commission payments which ensure that you will get paid what you earn, on time, every time. Additionally, they also support multiple checks and direct deposit payment options, as well as offering numerous currencies for publisher payment via check. These include Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, United States Dollar, Philippine Peso, and many, many more. They also support numerous countries for direct deposit payments like Autralia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, and many more. Please check out their website to see all of the supported currencies and countries.

Ease of Use

Signing up with Commission Junction and becoming a publisher is quite easy and fast, as well as completely free. All you need to do in order to register is fill in your contact information, provide the URL of your website where you intend to publish the ads and, finally, how you would like to be paid. As for their website, it is pretty user friendly as it readily displays all the relevant information you would need, like Quick Stats, for example. Here you will see data such as web site, period, sales, leads, clicks and impressions, commission earned, earnings per 1,000 impressions, earnings per click, and click-through rate. The Account tab, on the other hand, takes users to the Administrative settings where they can easily change account, tax information, payment information, and the like. Furthermore, the search function allows publishers to easily pull up advertiser information according to approval status, such as pending, offered, accepted or declined by advertiser. Additionally, you can browse advertisers and links by earnings per click, size, status, type, and relationship. Thanks to Commission Junction’s effective search engine, browsing through thousands of advertisers is a breeze.


Commission Junction provides an incredibly robust set of features called the Publisher Toolbox. With these comprehensive tools publishers can get the most out of their affiliate marketing efforts. First, the Links Search allows you to quickly sift through thousands of advertiser affiliate links in their network, thanks to the ability to filter by promotion type, link type, promotion schedule, size, language, advertiser category and more. The Get Code options, meanwhile, give you the ability to encrypt affiliate links, hide tracking code, as well as set parent windows and apply SID parameters to all links in their network. You can also increase conversion rates by linking directly to an advertiser’s individual product or service page, instead of their home page, with the help of the Deep Link Generator feature. Additionally, you can turn on the autopilot and let their Deep Link Automation feature generate the appropriate deep link for you. This affiliate marketing network also lets you monitor all activity in your account as it happens, thanks to real-time monitoring features. Alternatively, you can view and analyze all commissions or transaction activities so you can evaluate how your marketing efforts are holding up. Finally, another great feature of Commission Junction are its widgets that give your ad displays a little more style. With the help of these widgets, you can choose to display your ads either as a slideshow, collage, or even as a grid.

Customer Support

Should any problems arise, or if you simply want to inquire something, you can contact Commission Junction via phone. In addition, they also list the numbers and addresses of all of their local and international offices. Finally, they have a comprehensive Support Center that contains some very helpful documentations like Publisher Training Tutorials, Affiliate Marketing Glossary, Internet Tax, Publisher Promotional Methods, and more.

What's the Verdict on CJ?

A Must Try

Commission Junction Review 2020 – Conclusion

There is no better affiliate marketing network out there compared to the juggernaut that is Commission Junction. They have been in the business for a long, long time and their experience shows. If you decide to join their affiliate network, you will definitely not regret it. Not only will you get access to a large selection of quality advertisers, you will also get robust features, great reporting features, and many more. Are you ready to monetize your website and earn some serious commissions? Give Commission Junction a shot, now!