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eBay is one of the largest online auction and marketplaces, with over 120 million active users worldwide. In 2012, individual buyers, sellers, and businesses sold over a staggering $75 billion worth of goods on eBay. With these statistics, plus the fact that eBay is a well known and trusted brand all over the world, joining their affiliate marketing network is definitely a no-brainer. Not only do you get access to thousands upon thousands of product listings from various categories, you also benefit from the instant name recognition and trust that the eBay brand brings with it.


Whatever audience your website is targeting, eBay Partner Network provides you with a host of incredibly useful tools that can help you enhance your campaigns. To begin with, the Creatives Generator provides you with a variety of pre-made, colorful graphic and interactive ads to choose from. These are designed to appeal to a wide audience so you can easily attract even more visitors to eBay product pages from your site. In addition, this affiliate marketing network also gives you the ability to add customizable banners. These flash banners give you relevant, real-time eBay listings based on your search criteria to your website, and you can choose from the provided designs or you can make your own.

You can also filter the search results based on keyword, category, seller, and more. The Link Generator, meanwhile, allows you to create trackable links to any of eBay Partner Network’s program pages. Easy and fast to set up, you can integrate links to any web page or application without much hassle. Moreover, these are geo-targeted so whenever a visitor clicks on an ad, they will get redirected to their local eBay site, which should definitely help if your blog has a lot of visitors coming in from different parts of the globe. You can also take advantage of trackable RSS feeds in order to keep your visitors in the loop by providing dynamic, live eBay listings information based on your search criteria. You can also choose which elements to show, and use CSS in order to customize the style to your liking.

For those who are running a high volume website, eBay Partner Network’s Product Feeds feature allow you to download huge amounts of eBay listing data so you can load it directly to your own database. This feature is great for shopping comparison sites, deals sites, large portals, and more. Finally, for more advanced users, eBay Partner Network gives you access to their API and leverage their platform so you can develop applications that tap into eBay’s vast marketplace.

Customer Support

This affiliate marketing network does not have phone, live chat, or even email support. For any inquiries, you can use the provided online contact form. Should you wish to learn more, they also have a pretty comprehensive Help section, as well as videos and an extensive online user manual.

What's the Verdict on eBay Partner Network?

A Must Try

eBay Partner Network Review 2020 – Conclusion

While getting approved by eBay Partner Network might prove difficult for those who are still starting out, those who do get approved are in for quite a treat. You have access to eBay’s ridiculously vast product listings, the payments are fast and usually consistent and on time, the payment threshold is pretty low compared to others, and they have some really great tools that are sure to help boost your campaigns. eBay is one of the most well known and largest online marketplaces in the world, and if you join up for their affiliate program you will definitely not regret it. Signing up is free so check them out, now!