Pricing and Features

Fast3CreditScores does not offer multiple tiered packages for their service. Instead, they chose to offer a single subscription rate for all their credit reporting services. It costs $24.99 per month and includes the following: monthly score updates from the three national credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion), daily credit monitoring and alerts, including new inquiries, certain derogatory information, accounts, public records, or change of address that have been added to your credit reports as reported by any of the three major credit reporting agencies, access to their credit information hotline, and identity fraud support services. Do take note that your scores will be provided by CreditXpert, Inc., and will indicate your relative credit risk level for educational purposes. This may not be the same system used by the lenders and institutions. Also, the scores may vary from the actual credit scores obtained from the credit agencies or other sources.

Customer Support

There really is no way to be able to contact Fast3CreditScores’ customer support team if you haven’t subscribed to their plan yet. Although, once subscribed, you will be given a toll-free number in which you can ask away all your concerns and queries, even those that are related to your own credit standing and not strictly about your account. Sadly though, this is the only medium they provide to contact their team; they don’t have email or chat support, or even social media accounts where you can comment or message a concern instantly.

Start your free trial today!

Other more popular credit reporting services give you an introductory price for their services which are considerably lower than their actual rates, but still require you to shell out a few bucks before being able to experience their service. Luckily, Fast3CreditScores offers a no-frills, 14-day trial that is absolutely free, so you can have a sample of their service prior to opening your wallet and ponying up some cash. The registration is also simple and straightforward. Just enter some basic information like name, address, and email, and other important details like your birthdate, Social Security Number, and billing information.

Now, don’t get nervous over giving these information, these are required to gather your credit scores, and, as previously mentioned, are encrypted. For the billing information, this is needed because you will be automatically subscribed after the trial period. You can always choose to cancel the subscription before you the expiration date though. Lastly, just confirm your account via email and you are ready to go!

What's the Verdict on Fast3CreditScores?

Worth It, Some Issues

Fast3CreditScores Review 2020 – Conclusion

Fast3CreditScores isn’t the best of the best when it comes to credit reporting. Their price tag is higher than others and their customer support isn’t readily available for non-subscribers. However, they do offer complete score reporting from the three credit bureaus, a feature that you won’t find in most services. Also, their daily monitoring alert is dual purpose, both for checking your credit standing and possibly preventing identity theft cases. In short, the advantages certainly outweigh their lapses, so go on right ahead and check out Fast3CreditScores now!