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If you are using your email address mainly in your office then you may not have to worry about working offline, but if you often work on-the-go then you may experience instances when you have to access or compose an email without an internet connection. If you are using Google Mail hosting, then you will be happy to know that they offer limited services even when offline.

Unlike other email hosts that connect and cache information right on the host servers, Google Mail caches data right on your browser or the Google Mail mobile app. This means that all the information downloaded when you have an internet connection, such as received messages and drafts, can be accessed even when offline.

You can even compose emails and send them to their recipients when offline, and they will be sent once your device captures an active internet connection. This means you can continue working by accessing previously read emails or compose new ones to be sent to your clients anytime that you need to.

Pricing and Features

Under the G Suite plan, companies have 3 different plans to choose from. The Basic Plan costs $5 per user per month, and includes some essential features like a business email through Gmail, video and voice conferencing, smart shared calendars, attachment of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, security and administration controls, and 30 GB of cloud storage.

Meanwhile, the Business plan upgrades the features to unlimited storage allowance, archive and set retention policies, eDiscovery for email, chats, and files, and audit reports for user monitoring. It costs $10 per user per month.

Gmail also offers an Enterprise plan which boasts of a premium office suite and the most advanced features, like data loss prevention for both Gmail and Google Drive files, integration with complaint third-party tools for archiving, enterprise-grade control with foolproof security enforcement, and Gmail log analysis via BigQuery. If you are interested in signing up for this package, you may want to contact their team for a quotation.

They also offer a budget subscription for smaller groups which focuses on providing a flawless collaboration ground- the Team plan costs $10 per user per month, with voice and video conferencing, unlimited cloud storage (1 TB for groups fewer than 5 users), and a team-based user management.

Customer Support

Google, being the world class company that they are, offers excellent support options to their customers. Get 24/7 telephone support via their toll-free hotline number and email support. Users can also browse the Help Center for articles and read on the most common topics to get answers and resolution.

What's the Verdict on Google Mail?

A Must Have

Google Mail Review 2017 – Conclusion

When it comes to email hosting, Google Mail is simply the best when it comes to features, uptime, support and pricing. Though it does not come with a free account, the price is incredibly affordable at only $5 a month per user with their basic subscription. You can work from your desktop, laptop or mobile device whether online or offline and you get 24/7 email and telephone support should any problem occur. If you are looking for an email hosting service to use then Google Mail is definitely the number 1 option you should look at so go ahead and check them out today as they offer a free trial and interactive demo of their services.