Pricing and Features

As mentioned earlier, zMailCloud email hosting comes either in an annual or monthly billing depending on the preference of the customer. For $59.99 per account per year, users get unlimited aliases, lists and personas as well as 25GB pooled account storage (4 accounts gets you a total of 100GB which can be distributed to each account for up to 50GB each). Additional storage costs $2 per GB per month after the first 25GB. Users also get a 30-day free trial, file uploads up to 1GB, advanced web access, syncing features for mobile devices, syncing for Outlook & Mac, anti-spam and anti-virus protection, various freebies (activation, consultation, end-user support, and migration options), and more.

If you decide to go with a monthly billing, the cost per account would depend on how many accounts you would get for your business.

Number of accounts and cost per month per account:

  • 1-9: $5.99
  • 10-49: $5.80
  • 50-99: $5.60
  • 100-199: $5.40
  • 200-499: $5.20
  • 500+ : $4.99

The monthly billing offers unlimited aliases and personas as well but charges extra for storage. Storage costs $2 per GB with the option for quota-unlimited and quota-limited accounts. Legal compliance archiving costs $3 and allows you to copy email and attachments to user-inaccessible archives for search and storage.

Additional Features

Aside from the features that come with a zMailCloud subscription, there are additional services and features that you can purchase that will give you a better overall experience when using this email host. For an additional $2 a month, administrators can change the status of any mailbox so that sending/receiving mail from it is prevented. For an extra $10 per account, zMailCloud can also provide users access to account backups but additional fees may apply for special circumstances. If your current mailing solution is having problems, you can also avail of emergency migration services with a minimum of $500 for the first 4 hours of service and a $1000 maximum fee for any amount of hours after that. If you do not want to use the free tools offered by this company then they can help migrate mail services for a flat fee of $250. zMailCloud also offer other professional services at varying prices so you can contact the company directly to get a price quote.

Customer Support

Registered customers would need to log into their account and file a request through the Help Desk for the most prompt response. For general inquiries, users can access the FAQ section on the zMailCloud website and access the learning materials that they offer as well. Users can also get in touch with support representatives via email by filling out an online form and waiting for a reply. zMailCloud also offers a live chat feature on their website where users can easily talk with qualified representatives.

What's the Verdict on zMailCloud?

A Must Try

zMailCloud Review – Conclusion

zMailCloud offers a good email hosting service that allows you to choose a billing option that can give you either flexibility or savings. It may not offer the best storage options around but still has significant offerings included in a subscription — namely 25GB and the option to purchase more. They offer a completely browser-based email host backed up through the cloud which offers excellent uptime, reliability and minimal upkeep. They also offer useful features that you can check out on their website or through their 30 day free trial. There are a lot more other features and benefits that zMailCloud has to offer so go ahead and check out their services today.