Identity Guard Pricing Plans

There are 3 pricing plans to choose from with Identity Guard. Namely: Essentials, Total Protection and Platinum. Each one costs $5 for the first 30 days and renews at the regular price. Here is a closer look at each so you know which one best suits your preferences.

Identity Guard Essentials costs only $9.99 and has enough key features at a very affordable price. It offers SSN monitoring, black market monitoring, ID verification alerts, account takeover alerts, identity victim assistance, lost wallet protection and ID vault password protection.

Identity Guard Total Protection costs $19.99 and offers the best value for money by offering all the features of the Essentials plan with the addition of Address Change Monitoring, 3-Bureau Credit monitoring, Credit report updates, Quarterly Credit Score updates, Mobile App Access, Public Record Monitoring and all the PC protection software.

Identity Guard Platinum is the most comprehensive plan with everything from the Essentials and Total Protection plan plus MONTHLY credit scores and credit report updates. This allows you for the complete protection that this company can offer.

Customer Support

One problem with the customer support that Identity Guard offers is that it is not 24/7 so should a problem arise during offline hours, you have no choice but to wait. They are reachable via email and toll-free telephone numbers during 8am to 11pm from Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm on Saturdays EST. They also provide their mailing address for any comments or concerns.

How Identity Guard Protects You

Identity Guard works in 3 key steps to protect you from fraud and identity theft. Their technology monitors personal and financial information constantly so you can feel secure about your finances as any suspicious activities would warrant alerts and appropriate action.

You get alerts if there are any changes to your credit files and even get monthly updates on your credit score which is viewable right on your dashboard. They also monitor public records for any changes and you will get quarterly reports updating you on anything they find.

Aside from monitoring, they also protect you with tools designed to help secure your personal information to keep it away from fraudsters and identity thieves. One way they do this is with the computer software that they offer. Their anti-virus, keystroke encryption and password protection effectively help keep your PC safe from online threats.

Lastly, if your personal information does get compromised, they offer excellent recovery options to help get it back. They offer up to $1 million in identity theft insurance for any expenses that results from it. They also offer to guide you through the process of recovery. You can get on-on-one guidance, advice and insight to help you get back what you lost.

What's the Verdict on Identity Guard?

Worth It, Some Issues

Identity Guard Review – Conclusion

Identity Guard offers a reliable and affordable identity protection service that you can greatly benefit from. If you are thinking about using identity protection, check them out today. They offer the first 30 days for only $5 and you can cancel it any time, otherwise you would have to renew it at the regular rate. They offer different pricing plans so you can work within your budget and not overspend and end up not needing identity protection because of debt.