Upload Resume & Find Resume

Users can also upload their resumes to the website which allows potential employers to easily find prospective candidates. Employers, on the other hand, can easily search for job seekers who have uploaded their resumes through Indeed.com’s resume search bar, which lets you search by job title, skill, company, and location.

Ease of Use

Even though Indeed.com has a large database of job listings from countless sources, getting to the information you are looking for is an absolute breeze. This is all thanks to the website’s simplicity, ease of use, and advanced search options. The first thing that you will notice when you first arrive on their website is the fact that it looks incredibly simple and straightforward, which is almost reminiscent of the way Google looks and feels. The layout is easy on the eyes, as well as pretty easy to understand, which makes browsing through Indeed.com a pleasurable experience. Getting to the right information is also quite easy thanks to the numerous search options that will help in narrowing down job search results. To start with, you can search for listings by job title, which includes numerous positions like Account Executive, Account Manager, Accountant, Accounting Clerk, Analyst, Baker, Banker, Bookkeeper, Buyer, Field Engineer, Firefighter, Floral Designer, Machinist, Merchandiser, Receptionist, Research Scientist, Route Driver, Web Designer, Welder, and many, many more. You can also search by company, or by state. Alternatively, you can search jobs by category, which include Accounting/Finance, Administrative, Banking/Loans, Customer Service, Education/Training, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Real Estate, Retail, Sales, and Telecommunications, among many others. Finally, you can also initiate an advanced job search which uses Indeed.com’s intuitive keyword tool. With this tool you can fine tune your search and choose which keywords to include, what exact phrase to look for, which words to exclude, which words to search for in the title, which company, which job types, and from which type of job sites. You can also choose to include a salary estimate in the search parameters, as well as location, and when the job was posted. With the numerous search options on tap, you won’t ever have to worry about not finding the right job listing for you.


Email Alerts

Not everyone has the time to browse through each and every job listing, which is why there is always the chance that certain job opportunities might go unnoticed and pass you by. Thankfully, Indeed.com lets its users set up email alerts so they can be automatically notified via email regarding new job postings for certain categories.

Salary Calculator

Indeed.com also has a salary calculator which lets you view the average salary for a particular job title, as well as compare average salaries by location. You can also view a pretty informative chart that displays the average salary of jobs with related titles to the one you are currently viewing.

Job Search Plugin

For a faster and more convenient job search experience, users can download and install Indeed.com’s job search plugin that is available for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. With the help of these plugins, users can have immediate access to the power of Indeed.com’s unique job search engine.

Customer Support

For any assistance, Indeed.com’s customer support can be reached via an online contact form or physical mailing address. They do not have any live chat or phone support. For answers to common questions, users can take advantage of the website’s comprehensive FAQ section.

What's the Verdict on Indeed.com?

Worth It, Some Issues

Indeed.com Review 2020 – Conclusion

Indeed.com is the perfect job search site where you can find countless job listings that are pulled from thousands of external sources. You won’t ever need to hop from one job site to another just so you can find the perfect career opportunity, especially considering the fact that using this website is incredibly easy. While it may lack certain features that some of the other top job search sites are offering, Indeed.com has it where it counts: delivering high quality job search results. If you are currently looking for the next job that will further your career, do check this outstanding website out.