Best Nootropics Stores and Suppliers of 2017

While Nootropics are certainly a hot topic at the moment, they’re really not all that new or “out there.” If it feels like they are, consider that NASA has been giving astronauts Modafinil since at least 2009. These super drugs have the ability to balance and boost your mental health. Giving you the extra edge that you need in life. We have gone through and looked at all the best nootropics stores and suppliers on the internet. After taking careful consideration we have come up with these ten companies that we think are the best the web has to offer.

CompanyRankingRatingPrice Description
Afinil Express1st9.8 out of 10VariesFrom low priced nootropics to frequent buyer discounts, free shipping and more, Afinil Express proves it has what it takes to be the at the top.Full Afinil Express Review »
ModaPharma2nd9.7 out of 10VariesModaPharma offers certified authentic nootropics, and each shipment is protected by their SureDelivery guarantee. There are a few shortcomings though.Full ModaPharma Review »
PeakNootropics3rd9.4 out of 10VariesAside from offering low-priced high quality nootropics, this online store also provides high delivery rates, educational materials and more.Full PeakNootropics Review »
ModUp4th9.2 out of 10VariesA great place to get low-priced generic nootropics that don't skimp on quality, and where you can get amazing support and a delivery guarantee.Full ModUp Review »
ModafinilStar5th9 out of 10VariesLow-priced, frequent discounts, free express international shipping, a generous refund policy -- what more can you ask for?Full ModafinilStar Review »
Powder City6th9 out of 10VariesIn addition to rock bottom prices, this nootropic store also carries a wide product range, offers free shipping, and a generous return policy.Full Powder City Review »
Optimind7th8.9 out of 10$43.31 Per MonthA subscription service that, for a reasonable price, will give you a nootropic designed to help lift your brain fog and give you mental clarity.Full Optimind Review »
Nootropic Source8th8.9 out of 10VariesNootropic Source offers a vast selection of products, a price match guarantee and 3 to 5 days delivery of orders within the US.Full Nootropic Source Review »
Natural Stacks9th8.8 out of 10VariesA fantastic site to get all-natural nootropics that are free from GMOs, artificial flavors and colors, as well as gluten.Full Natural Stacks Review »
Modafinil4Students10th8.7 out of 10VariesModafinil4Students gives their name justice with an affordable set of prices for their products. However, their product selection is severely limited.Full Modafinil4Students Review »
Nootropics.com11th8.7 out of 10VariesLacking other payment options and a more customer-friendly refund policy, still has a long way to go before becoming a great store.Full Review »
Nootrico12th8.6 out of 10VariesA decent nootropics store that offers high quality supplements, bulk discounts, monthly re-shipping discounts, and more.Full Nootrico Review »
Clarity Nootropics13th8.4 out of 10VariesOnline seller Clarity Nootropics joins the foray of providing for the growing demand of brain enhancing supplements.Full Clarity Nootropics Review »
truBrain14th8.3 out of 10VariesA solid store that sells nootropics in the form of drinks and capsules that are made of a blend of high quality ingredients.Full truBrain Review »
Ceretropic15th8 out of 10VariesAn online store that sells over 56 nootropic products that include innovative stacks, and even offers new ways of administering them.Full Ceretropic Review »
Awake Brain16th7.6 out of 10VariesA solid nootropic store that sells a wide range of products, like peptides, cognitive enhancers, physical energy boosters and more.Full Awake Brain Review »
Blue Brain Boost17th7.5 out of 10VariesWhile you can enjoy free shipping service among numerous selections, you should do thorough research first before purchasing any item off their racks.Full Blue Brain Boost Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Website Security

Since you will be paying for your purchases online, the store's security protocol should provide protection from any hackers that are scheming to obtain your sensitive information online. An SSL certificate will help ensure that all data is sent and received in encryption. This means that all of the information you give and receive is kept in a secured environment which can only be accessed by authorized parties.

Product Variety

There are several types of nootropic products that you will encounter in the market: armodafinils, modafinils, creatinine supplements... all of which has their specific effects and duration. Having an online shop that carries a majority of these products can help you stick to just one shop instead of having to switch back and forth several websites for your fix.

Payment Options

While major credit cards are the most available form of payment online, there are other ways in which you can pay for your order. One form that is quite popular nowadays is PayPal, given its convenient and secure nature. Another option that is also present in some stores is Bitcoin- dubbed as the digital currency, it can be obtained and used anonymously. Having options is always a plus in our book, especially if it involves completing transactions over the internet.


Having worldwide shipping is not an impossible feat nowadays, and many couriers are extending their reach further and further into different parts of the globe. This is why most online shops offer international shipping, and those that do not seriously need to reconsider upgrading their service to be able to receive orders from customers of various origins.


There are certain laws specific to the import of goods, especially when it comes to drug-related substances. Sometimes, your package can be put on hold with the local customs department for an unspecified amount of time. Most nootropic shops address this dilemma by either offering a free reshipment of the same items, or by straight up giving your money back. At least your money won't go to wasted should your order end up sitting in some department's warehouse.



  • I am surprised you guys didnt checkout I have been purchasing from them as of late and the customer service is by far the best ive ever experienced. Not to mention the selection of products is quite vast plus the quality is as good if not better than ceretropic who i used to purchase from. There are some interesting sources on this list though that ive never heard of and am eager to checkout. Thanks for this list its greatly appreciated

    • Hi Leeroy – if that’s really your name :p,

      Thanks for the heads up! We will check it out to see if it fits our list.