Afinil Express Pricing

Afinilexpress Modalert

There are a lot of nootropic stores that offer modafinils and armodafinils at low prices, and Afinil Express is no exception. Afinil Express sells pills in packs of 20, 50, 100, 200 or 300 and they get cheaper per pill the more you buy. Pills get as low as $0.80 a piece for Modvigil – not a bad deal if you’re looking to buy in bulk.

Product 20 Pills 50 Pills 100 Pills 200 Pills 300 Pills
Modalert, 200mg $56 ($2.80/pill) $85 ($1.70/pill) $160 ($1.60/pill) $230 ($1.15/pill) $294 ($0.98/pill)
Modvigil, 200mg $42 ($2.10/pill) $65 ($1.30/pill) $110 ($1.10/pill) $190 ($0.95/pill) $240 ($0.80/pill)
Waklert, 150mg $59 ($2.95/pill) $99 ($1.98/pill) $160 ($1.61/pill) $246 ($1.23/pill) $300 ($1.00/pill)
Artvigil, 150mg $49 ($2.45/pill) $78 ($1.56/pill) $135 ($1.35/pill) $219 ($1.10/pill) $275 ($0.92/pill)

If you haven’t tried taking modafinils or armodafinils before and you don’t know which to buy, Afinil Express also allows you to purchase a trial pack. For only $75, the trial pack contains ten pills of each product that they offer. This is definitely a great way to get acquainted with the products, and the 40 pills should last you at least a month.