Best Online Jewelry Stores of 2018

Buying jewelry online may sound like a risky venture, especially when it comes to diamonds, which are highly valued and more often than not, comes at a heavy price. But did you know that you can get them for a lesser price this way, since online diamond stores do not have the additional expenses of running a brick and mortar store. Factor in the convenience and other perks that they offer, and they might just be a more favorable source for your diamonds.

We researched and compiled the best online jewelry stores available to date, to give you more insights on their products and policies before you make a final purchase. Check them out below!

James Allen1st9.8 out of 10VariesInternational30 daysLifetime

James Allen Review

A superb online diamond retailer that provides high quality images of its products, lifetime warranty, great shipping and returns, and more.Full James Allen Review »
Leibish2nd9.5 out of 10VariesInternational30 days2 years

Leibish Review

Leibish is one of the best choices to buy diamonds online with their wide selection, various colors and good prices.Full Leibish Review »
Diamond Delight3rd9.4 out of 10VariesUS and Canada30 daysLifetime

Diamond Delight Review

Diamond Delight has fewer options and limited shipping areas covered, but the shopping experience is a simple and hassle-free deal.Full Diamond Delight Review »

Blue Nile

4th9.3 out of 10VariesDomestic and International30 daysLifetime

Blue Nile Review

A top online diamond store that offers a wide variety of Blue Nile with the option to customize your own jewelry to get the perfect item.Full Blue Nile Review »


5th9.2 out of 10VariesInternational30 daysLifetime

Ritani Review

A trusted online diamond store that has partnered with many physical stores all around to bring the best of both shopping worlds to their customers.Full Ritani Review »


6th8.9 out of 10VariesSelect Countries30 days1 year

Ice Review

A company that offers a wide selection of diamonds with affordable pricing through the help of their price match guarantee and clearance items.Full Ice Review »

Brilliant Earth

7th8.9 out of 10VariesInternational30 daysLifetime

Brilliant Earth Review

A quality online diamond store that offers a wide selection of jewelry and even take extra steps to ensure they are an Earth friendly business.Full Brilliant Earth Review »


8th8.8 out of 10VariesInternational60 daysLifetime

Zales Review

Find the right diamond for the right occasion with Zales and enjoy a wide selection and free shipping or returns on all your purchases.Full Zales Review »


9th8.5 out of 10VariesInternational30 daysOne year

Allurez Review

Allurez stand good on its own as an online diamond store, although they still have areas of improvement like extending their product warranties.Full Allurez Review »


10th9.5 out of 10VariesInternational30 days1 year

WhiteFlash Review

Shop for ideal diamonds and designer engagement rings online with Whiteflash. Hundreds of precision cut diamonds are in-stock with HD video and light performance images.Full WhiteFlash Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Jewelry Selection

First and foremost, having a large selection of diamonds with the right filtering tools can help you find the diamond piece perfect for the occasion. Some online jewelry stores offer a pre-set line of jewelry while offering loose diamonds as well. There are also a lot of them that has a create your own diamond jewelry program, where you choose the diamond and metal setting, and every detail under each.


While most online jewelry stores readily offer shipping to several countries all over the globe, there still are some of them that are restricted to the US and Canada. Checking for the shipping methods will also be helpful, since some only offer standard shipping, which can take a while to be delivered. Given the high value of the package, it should always have insurance.


One critically important factor in choosing a jewelry store to buy from is the kind and length of warranty that they offer. The usual warranty policy is repair or replacement coverage of items bearing any manufacturing defects. Some jewelry stores only offer a year or two of coverage for their items, while others pack a full lifetime warranty. There are also a couple of stores that cover wear and tear damages, which is actually a pretty good deal.


Knowing that you can return the items for any reason is also reflective of a good service from an online store, especially in terms of jewelries. The usual return period for diamond items is 30 days, with some jewelry shops allowing for up to 60 days, while others as short as 10 days. Of course, product returns come with certain conditions, most notably that the item must be in its original condition.


Last but not the least, comes the support that you can receive from the store's customer service team. It is common nowadays to initiate contact via live chat session for quicker communication, and this goes both for product inquiries and after sales concerns. If you are not well versed in choosing diamonds, having a reliable representative guide you in your shopping is definitely a big help to help you purchase a quality piece.

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