Free Quote

Getting a free quote takes literally seconds because all you have to do is fill out information on their website as to the nature of your business, your email address and what you need the funds for.

After that you just have to submit and wait for the email reply of Finical Inc as to how much or what products you qualify for.

From there you can apply for the different products and services that they offer such as accepting credit card payments, mobile sales, ultra-fast point-of-sale machines, rate reviews and of course, business loans.

Customer Support

Finical Inc offers very basic customer support for their company. There is a free telephone line and an email address provided for email support. Their FAQ section is also very limited and only has a few questions on it so you really would have to contact a support representative. Live chat could have been provided as an alternative as it offers immediate support as the customer is browsing the website instead of waiting for an email or going to the telephone to call.

For Customers As Well

Getting a loan does not only benefit your business directly but your customers as well. This is due to the fact that Finical Inc also offers customer financing.

Basically, this means that customers can avail of products or services that you sell even if they cannot pay for it full upfront.

Getting them approved for financing takes only minutes and they even accept customers who have less than ideal credit scores. This way, customers who are interested in what you are selling or providing but don’t have the money for it do not have to just walk out the door.

The great part about this is that even if they avail of financing, you would still be paid the full amount of the sale. So your customers get to purchase what they want and you don’t lose any sales at all.

Who would have thought that win-win situations such as these are possible with lending companies? With Finical Inc, this is very much a reality.

What's the Verdict on Finical Inc.?

Worth It, Some Issues

Finical Inc Review 2020 – Conclusion

Finical Inc may not be the best option out there for a small business loan but they do provide a very solid one — especially in terms of the loan amount since they offer the largest loan amount in the industry with up to $2,500,000 loans. If you are window shopping for a small business loan, you would need to contact this company directly to get more information about rates and other concerns thanks to the fact that there are not a lot of information on their website. Other than that, there is no harm in seeing if you qualify for a loan with them so go ahead and check out Finical Inc today!