Good news to all aspiring website builders and owners! eHost occasionally offers promos with their subscription plans. Currently, for instance, they are offering a whopping 50% off the original price. Take note, however, that these discount offers are only available to new customers and are valid for the initial term only. In addition, if you are looking to save up even for just a bit, it might be best to regularly check their website for these offers as these usually come and go.

Meanwhile, at the end of the initial term (and upon renewal), their regular rates are as follows:

  • $5.98/month for 3-year terms
  • $7.98/month for 2-year terms
  • $9.98/mo for 1-year terms
  • $13.98/mo for monthly terms.

Should you wish to cancel your subscription but still like to keep your domain, you will be charged a $15 domain fee.