Hosting Solutions

As mentioned, Hostwinds offers 6 different VPS solutions with each having its own 10 pricing tiers. There’s simply no way to go about it, but just to dive right in. (This is only an overview of what Hostwinds can offer. It’s still best to check the vast options available on their website.)

  • Budget VPS – This hosting plan is for users who need a powerful set of features at an affordable price. It’s not lightweight on the VPS features though, as it employs enterprise-grade hardware and full service management. Pricing starts at $7.50 per month with .5 CPU cores, 1 – 1.25GB RAM, 25GB storage, and a transfer speed of 100Mbps. The highest tier is at $88.50 per month and it will give you 5 CPU cores, 12 – 12.5GB RAM, 300GB storage, and 1000Mbps transfer speed.
  • Premium VPS – This premium Linux option is for those that require more stability and speed. Like the budget hosting plan, the customer can also choose any Linux operating system and full server management. But this hosting option comes with unmetered bandwidth frequency. The tiers rise exponentially in price and features, with the lowest at $13.50 per month and the highest at $105.50 per month.
  • Windows VPS – If you’re a Windows user, then this option is for you. It comes with the standard VPS features like redundant network, instant scalability, and 24/7 monitoring, and unlimited bandwidth, just to name a few. Tier 1 is $13.50 per month and tier 10 is at $105.50 per month.
  • SSD VPS – Hostwinds’ enterprise Linux SSD VPS plan is for those users whose priority is speed. They have 10Gbps uplinks to every user, and a guarantee of optimal uptimes. The lowest option comes at $13.50 per month and the priciest one at $129.50 per month.
  • Minecraft VPS – This option of a Minecraft server hosting is unique to Hostwinds. It provides a pre-configured server meant for the video game Minecraft. The first tier is at $8.00 per month that allows a maximum of 10 players and the last tier allows a maximum of 350 players at $160 per month.