Pricing and Features

When you access the RocketTheme website, you can choose the different platforms they offer to find a theme for the one you are using. Then you can select “See all Templates” or “See all Themes” to check out the complete selection that they have in their library. From there you can choose which template you want to get if you are going for a single purchase.

Single purchase templates usually cost $29-49 each and allow customers lifetime use of that single template and extensions for a single domain. Once you have selected the template you want, all you have to do is pay for it and you can get right to using it for your website. This can be done for Joomla, WordPress, Magento and phpBB.

If you prefer to subscribe to a club then RocketTheme gives you the choice of going for a Joomla or WordPress Template Club. They offer 3, 6 and 12 month subscription options which costs the same for both platforms. Members also gain access to the user forums where they can get support from round-the-clock moderators and developers as well as other people in the online community. Pricing for Membership Clubs are as follows:


Joomla/WordPress BasicJoomla/WordPress StandardJoomla/WordPress PlusJoomla/WordPress Developer
Membership Duration3 months6 months12 months12 months
License1 site2 sites3 sitesUnlimited sites


You can also purchase additional licenses if the default number of licenses for your membership plans are not enough. If your membership expires then you would not be able to create any site with RocketTheme even if you have site licenses available, but sites setup during an active membership will remain up even after the membership expires.

Two Types of Purchases

There are two ways to purchase a template with RocketTheme: you can either sign up for one of their Membership Clubs or purchase a single template separately. A single template purchase is a good option for individuals, small businesses or anyone that wants a specific template for their site. You will receive a copy of the template and extensions with the ability to update it to more current versions. While there is no term limit to the use of this template, you will only receive a one site license for it so you can only use it for a single site. So unfortunately, this means you need to purchase the template again if you want to use it for each site you would want to use it on.

You can also go with a Club Membership with RocketTheme and get complete access to all the templates in their libraries for the specific platform you subscribed to. This allows you to use and change to any template as you wish within your subscription period. Club Memberships are best for people who build or manage multiple sites at once because you can download multiple templates and they offer multiple licenses depending on your subscription. Take note though that you can continue to use the templates you downloaded even after the subscription has ended but you will not be able to get any support, updates or additional products.

Customer Support

The basic means of customer support offered by RocketTheme is their User Forum where you can get answers from other users, moderators and developers. You can also check out the documentation section for self-help information concerning clubs, templates, themes, extensions and general information about how RocketTheme works, with topics ranging from beginners to experts. For non-technical inquiries, you can fill out the online form on their website and wait for an email reply.

They also offer Premium Support which provides a one-on-one incident management with a 2 hour response time at an additional cost. You can purchase 1 Incident for $79 or 3 Incidents for $229 and use them anytime within 1 year from date or purchase. Response hours are from 8am to 7pm EST on weekdays.

What's the Verdict on RocketTheme?

A Must Try

RocketTheme Review 2020 – Conclusion

Whether you are an individual looking for template to use on your website, or a web developer handling multiple web pages of various clients, RocketTheme is a good choice. You can go with a membership club that allows you to use all the templates available for a recurring cost, or purchase each template individually for single use. There may be only a few hundred templates in their libraries compared to the thousands that other companies have, but they are still a pretty reliable source of templates. You can check out a demo of their templates before you make a purchase or join a membership club so give RocketTheme a try today!