One of the great things about paid forum software solutions is the fact that they do not have to display any advertisements on discussion board owners’ websites. This is true for as well but, if you want to monetize your forum, they allow you to display your own ads on your forum.


This particular discussion board offering is a paid service but unlike other similar forum software solutions out in the market today, this one does not separate its features behind different tiered plans. With there are no Basic, Standard, or Premium plans to worry yourself over. For only $9.95 per month, you will get an ad-free, fully featured forum hosting service that can go toe to toe with some of the best in the industry. What’s more, if you choose to subscribe on a yearly basis instead of the month to month option, you will get a pretty substantial 15% discount. For such an affordable price you will get access to each and every one of their forum software’s features. That said, there is one small caveat: the initial storage space that they offer is pretty limited at only 20MB so, if you want to add more, you need to pay $1 per month for every MB. Finally, if for whatever reason you feel that their forum solution is not up to par then you can rest easy because is offering a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that you can get a 100% refund if you notify them within 30 days that you are unsatisfied with their product and do not wish to continue any further. This is great because it means that there is virtually no risk when you decide to do business with this company.

Features’s website looks incredibly outdated compared to most of the competition, which is a shame because this might cause newcomers to immediately turn back without even reviewing what they have to offer. It is a good thing, then, that you are reading this review right now because you might have otherwise missed out on the amazingly comprehensive feature set has to offer. For starters, their platform lets you easily customize your forum’s logo, background, skin templates, buttons, and more in order to capture the look and feel your discussion board is aiming for. Additionally, you can also make it look like just another page of your main site. You can also remove the branding in order to give it a more personal touch, create your own color schemes, create a personal introductory paragraph on your forum, use custom labels for input fields, customize the date/time of the board, and even allow individual users to select their own skin templates. Their forum platform also supports non-threaded, semi-threaded, and full-threaded display formats. Other features include the ability to control who can see and post on your forum, attach photos or files to posts, an integrated chat room, a WYSIWYG text editor, private messaging, custom avatars, signature profiles, smilies, text search features, spell checker, thesaurus, grammatical checker, control over who can delete messages and which can be modified or erased, lock or unlock forums, mailing lists, password protection, member registration, secure SSL encryption, automatic spam detection, and many, many more. Finally, to further prove that they are not behind the times, this forum platform is also compatible with smartphones.

Customer Support offers unlimited free phone support so you can immediately contact them should you ever need their assistance. In addition, if you prefer to contact them via email then you can absolutely do that too.

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Worth It, Some Issues Review – Conclusion

Despite the fact that this forum software provider’s website is pretty outdated, its list of features is anything but. It can do all of the things that other more popular discussion boards can do but at a much more affordable price. For only $9.95 per month, you get access to all of its features, which can’t be said the same of other services. If you are looking for a reliable forum solution, do not get discouraged by’s ancient looks, it is definitely one of the best out there.