The Plan That Fits Your Budget

As we have mentioned earlier, Ginger offers different plans based on your group’s size at affordable prices. This way you are not forced to overpay for features you do not need or you do not underpay for a service that lacks features that you do need. There are four different subscriptions plans for Ginger.

First they have the Personal plan which costs $19/ month, now this is for the smaller teams as they allow a maximum 10 teammates. This is perfect for start-ups as it doesn’t cost a lot and you get a good number of members.

Next they have the Pro plan which costs $29/ month and at just $10/ month more than the Personal plan you get 3 times as many teammates. The Pro plan with 30 teammates is great for medium sized groups as you get a good number of members for an affordable price.

Ginger’s Business plan, meanwhile, provides the best value among the four. This plan costs $49/ month and will give you up to 60 teammates. This plan is great for medium to large companies because of the provision for teams to use their service. But if that is still not enough, they have the Enterprise plan at $129/ month and gives you 150 teammates — perfect for companies who plan on using this for large groups.

With Ginger, you can choose the plan that fits your team to save money and maximize the use of this service.

What's the Verdict on Ginger?

A Must Try

Ginger Review – Conclusion

Ginger is a good way to coordinate with other members of your team especially if you are working globally. It is easy to set up and is very affordable, so smaller businesses can afford it as well as large ones. The problem with Ginger is that they are not accepting subscriptions or sign-ups at the moment so you might have to wait if you want to use them. You can leave your email address to get notified when they will be accepting again. If you are in a rush then maybe Ginger is not for you; if you are the patient type then we can say that Ginger is definitely worth the wait. They do also offer free trials for their plans so you can check out their service without having to spend any money.